Moving students forward.

CareerCaddy works with your Career Services team to champion the cause of its students - connecting them to more companies and internships than ever before.

The challenges facing College Career Services today are greater than ever.

The sheer volume and diversity of students needing support is huge. Finding ways to attract small and medium sized businesses to engage in recruiting them has become essential. CareerCaddy partners with College Career Services to move students and employers forward together.

Increase Capacity

Our recruiting experts (we call them Caddies) become an extension of your resources - connecting with students and finding the most targeted job matches for them.

Champion ALL Students

Part time, Full time, undergraduate, graduate as well as online - our equity-focused program addresses the needs of all students enrolled with you.

Unlock New Opportunities

Internships and Co-Ops used to be the domain of only the largest companies. CareerCaddy enables thousands of small and mid sized companies to get involved.

Time Saving

CareerCaddy delivers pre-qualified, interested and engaged students to companies to fill internships and entry level positions within hours or days - not weeks or months.


Our Caddies provide personalized assistance to students with how to go about employer communications, interview preparation and negotiations.

A Focused Journey

Our Caddies become personal advisors to students for a focused and intensive 35 day internship search journey.

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